City Council, February 2017: Jolon Clark on the Small Lot Parking Exemption...

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Please do NOT extend the moratorium

You seem to think that there exists an elusive magical regulatory tool which, when found, will cause the "real reductions in car ownership on lots big and small" you want to see before we stop building parking lots. This is a fantasy.

The solution to our auto-oriented city is to change the built environment. We need to live more densely and concentrate housing in transit rich neighborhoods. The proposed developments at 16th and Humboldt accomplish exactly these goals.

Also at odds with your proposal to build parking lots is the housing affordability crisis toward which Denver is rapidly accelerating. Many dense projects lose financial feasibility when developers are saddled with parking minimums. Instead of building larger projects which ad many small and mid size residences to the the city’s housing supply, developers will choose to build large luxury residences which, thanks to our parking minimums, end up being more lucrative. Demand for housing is high. If we artificially restrict supply by building infrastructure for cars instead of people those prices aren't going to come down. You and your constituents will scream about gentrification and displacement. I worry that they won't see the connection between your pro-parking lot agenda and sky-high rents.

Lets try and build an affordable, equitable city and at take a step away from the auto-oriented civic architecture that the previous generation has left for us. I strongly oppose parking minimums. I believe the relevant research strongly supports this stance.

David Long 163 days ago

Transportation Demand Management Ordinances

An one have an example of a Transportation Demand Management Ordinance?

Noah 166 days ago