Local Neighborhood Associations: ins and outs and rules



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Short Term Rentals

The “regulation” of short term rentals being proposed in Susman’s 9/2/2015 meeting is really a way to “legalize” this activity without neighbors having a say. Under existing Denver Zoning Codes, a short term renter must apply to the zoning administrator for a new Home Occupation permit for rooming/boarding of shorter than 30 days or more than 2 transient occupants and provide notice to their neighbors, registered neighborhood organization and District Council Member. Interested parties can then protest the conversion of a residential property into a hotel in the middle of the neighborhood. The “regulation” being proposed avoids this process and automatically makes all residential properties eligible to be converted into a hotel operation by merely applying for a license that has no teeth. This is the type of lax “regulation” airbnb has been lobbying for as it moves towards its $25 billion IPO. Denver Neighborhood Inspection Services has received 60+ specific short term rental complaints and 200+ general home occupation complaints that include STRs in 2015 alone as shown in Denver Open Data 311 Service Requests. NIS is just not enforcing Denver Zoning Codes.

Leslie more than 1 year ago