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    Support Seniors and affordable housing through July 13 with Give65 crowdfunding campaign

    Sunshine Home Share Colorado is working to solve two difficult issues simultaneously; affordable housing and helping seniors stay in their homes as they age. The nonprofit needs community support, to continue its important work, for its... more

    Jul 10, 2017

  • Colorado Capitol Building

    Senior Suggestions: Bipartisan legislation's effect on you

    Every legislative session, there is a lot of talk about partisanship and Republicans and Democrats not being able to work together to get anything important done. While there is a grain of truth in this statement—there are several examples of... more

    Jul 5, 2017

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    Senior Suggestions: Volunteer local to make a local difference

    In times where things seem more divided than ever, our local communities can make for important common ground. Sometimes, opportunities to be involved in the community are direct and consistent, like sitting on the board of a nonprofit. more

    Jun 7, 2017

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    Senior Suggestions: What to do with those leftover meds

    The unseasonably warm weather has made it feel like we’ve been on the verge of spring for the last two months—long enough that maybe you’re finally in the mood to clean out that closet or garage in an effort to de-clutter and start fresh. more

    Apr 6, 2017

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    Senior Suggestions: Small steps to fight the SADs

    There are times in late winter I wish the holidays took place a month later. If they did, we would be able to leave our lights up and our trees decorated for a month longer, and would only have to bear two months of winter storms and gray skies... more

    Mar 3, 2017

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    Senior Suggestions: Romance in the air

    Sex isn’t a comfortable topic for many people. It’s often been something to be mentioned in hushed tones—or not mentioned at all. That was evidenced when my organization, A Little Help, held one of our Tough Talks centered around the topic of sex. more

    Feb 7, 2017

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    Senior Suggestions: New Year's resolutions, a time for newness

    The new year brings with it an urge for renewal, of wanting to make changes and set goals—and to really stick to them this year. But there are also resolutions that are less measurable and probably more important—resolutions dealing with happiness... more

    Jan 6, 2017

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    Senior Suggestions: Avoiding winter spills

    It can be easy to forget—when November has been a month of warm breezes and temperate weather—but as they say on Game of Thrones, winter is coming. Along with winter, we can sure expect that holiday season snow, slush, and ice. more

    Dec 7, 2016

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    Senior Suggestions: Thriving at home

    There was a study done by AARP in 2011 which found that 87 percent of American seniors desire to stay in their homes as long as they choose. I rarely meet the other 13 percent. more

    Nov 7, 2016

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    Senior Suggestions: driving and the “commander moment”

    Driving and aging, always a hot topic, has been in the headlines lately in the Denver area. It’s a topic that can tear families apart if it isn’t dealt with thoughtfully, respectfully and candidly. That’s in part because... more

    Oct 3, 2016

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