The Profile Team
While striving for objective news coverage, The Profile has steadfastly supported the efforts of the residents of Denver's neighborhoods to protect and enhance the quality of life in their communities.

The Profile is co-owned by Jay and Jill Farschman, Platt Park residents for nearly 20 years and long-time readers. Jill serves as Publisher responsible for client and agency relations, national account sales, community relations and business strategy. She brings with her extensive experience in digital media, publishing, communications and organizational development.

As the primary technological guru for The Profile, Jay Farschman is stewarding our move toward a more vibrant and active online presence and remains responsible for the advertising design and physical layout of each edition. He is our creative force, actively keeping The Profile engaging, fresh and up-to-date.

In his role as editor, Haines Eason brings extensive journalistic experience as a former college newspaper publisher, contributor to and editor for many highly respected publications and award-winning poet. He leads the paper's editorial assignments, oversees editorial content creation, and collaborates with the core production team to ensure quality standards are attained.

Leilani Olsen gathers information for The Profile’s Calendar. She has a deep connection to the gallery and artist communities in Denver, being an artist herself and having grown up with an artist for a mother. Leilani is also a freelance graphic designer and on occasion creates masterpieces of her own, some in handmade soap.

The Profile is brought to you every month by partners Kevin Collins of Colorado Free University’s distribution subsidiary Quality Distribution ensure our print newspapers are delivered timely to high traffic businesses throughout the neighborhoods we serve. Yankee Peddler Postal provides door-to-door delivery to 8,000 residential locations in Washington Park (west and east).

The Profile was founded in October 1978 by Deborah Wiig, and by the early 1980s it had become a vital force for community exchange, revitalization and unity in the Washington Park area. In 1983, Paul Kashmann became the new publisher after years of working as an advertising executive, writer and editor for The Profile. Kashmann now serves as City Councilman for Denver District 6.

Under Kashmann’s lead, the paper grew throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s to cover neighborhoods of central, south-central, and near southeast Denver, including Cherry Creek, the University of Denver area, and over 20 other neighborhoods. At the start of 1995, Eileen Abbattista joined The Profile as an office assistant and, over time, grew into the critical roles of Office Manager and Editor.

In February of 2015, Jill Farschman took over as the new Publisher with a mission to expand The Profile’s online presence while fostering meaningful engagement with local residents and businesses. Today, The Profile continues to deliver quality news and editorial content while supporting the efforts of Denver’s residents to protect and enhance the quality of life in our community.