Porter Hospital earns top safety scores, consistent since 2013



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Porter Hospital

Interesting story. Porter was my hospital in 2015. My doctor made a recommendation which resulted in what I was later told was an allergic reaction. At the same time, my insurance company was waiting for something from her called a "health action report," to qualify me for a card. The card, from my insurance company, had $800 which I could use to pay for co-pays and medicine. I wrote my doctor a letter asking about the safety of the recommendation which caused the reaction. My doctor suggested I make an appointment to discuss my concerns about this. I wanted to get the card to pay for any future visits before making another appointment. I waited from the beginning of July until the end of the summer for my doctor to send my insurance company this health action report, going back and forth between my insurance company and visits to Porter. I made more visits to this hospital to get this report than I ever did for medical visits. My card was finally approved, just when my schedule at work suddenly had me working open to close for the month of October, preventing me from scheduling an appointment to discuss my reaction to this recommendation, and the delay in getting this report. Around Halloween, my schedule finally permitted me to make an appointment. Just then I got a letter from Porter telling me that my doctor had resigned the previous month, in September. Some time after that, I had contacted Porter to find out who I can talk to about my experience there, but no one I spoke with appeared to have any idea who there is there to talk to about this. For myself, safety scores don't really help.

Mark Tyler 158 days ago