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Downtown Denver
Downtown Denver Colorado

Denver is a clean, young and green city with over 200 parks and dozens of tree-lined boulevards. The architecture reflects the city’s three boom periods: Victorian, when silver was discovered in Leadville; turn-of-the-century, when gold was discovered in Cripple Creek; and contemporary, when the energy boom added 16 skyscrapers to the downtown skyline in a three year period, 1980-1983.

Unlike some Western cities, Denver has a central downtown area. Here, within easy walking distance, are 5,200 hotel rooms, the city’s convention complex, performing arts complex, and a wide variety of shops, department stores, restaurants, and nightspots. Also within easy walking distance are some of the city’s top attractions including the U.S. Mint, Denver Art Museum, and Colorado History Museum.

A mile-long pedestrian mall cuts through the heart of downtown Denver and is surrounded by a series of parks and plazas that soften the towering skyscrapers and provide viewpoints from which to see and appreciate the modern architecture.

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What to do in Colorado

How do you figure out what to do in Colorado? According to our partners that write this Colorado vacation guide, when people plan a vacation or adventure to a new destination they often plan out all the different things they would like to do on their trip. Whether it be climbing mountains, visiting museums, or just relaxing on the beach there is almost always some research done on what to do. Guide books are often purchased and the first step is to determine if any of your friends have visited there previously to get some advice. Upon arrival, you may consult the tourism office or even chat with some locals to gain information on things to do in Denver. My question is why does this thirst for discovering something new end with your vacations?

About Denver

Lower Downtown (called “LoDo” by locals) is on the northern edge of downtown Denver and offers one of the nation’s greatest concentrations of Victorian buildings and warehouses, many of which have been refurbished to house restaurants, art galleries, offices, and shops. This is the center of the city’s brewpubs, with six large brewpubs and microbreweries, each brewing six to eight exclusive beers, all within easy walking distance of each other.

Six Flags Elitch Gardens moved to downtown Denver with a year-round amusement park similar to Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens offering 48 thrill rides, formal gardens, restaurants and shops. Also in downtown Denver is a new 50,000-seat stadium, Coors Field, for the Colorado Rockies, Denver’s Major League Baseball team.

The Mile High Trail is a series of six walking tours throughout the downtown area. Copies can be obtained from the Denver Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau Information Center in the Tabor Center, located on the 16th Street Mall.

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Exploring Western Colorado

Few vacations in the world can match Western Colorado for the variety of scenic wonders, outdoor activities, and cultural events. Western Colorado is home to two national parks, two national monuments, one world heritage center, two historic railroads, and over 20 ski resorts and numerous mountains over 14000 ft high.

The Maroon Bells near Aspen

You will find among Colorado’s Mountains, enough outdoor fun and adventures to fill a lifetime of vacations. There is a lot for you to see and do.

If that isn’t enough you can always climb a mountain, look for a lost gold mine or explore a ghost town. There is a lot to see and do.

The Durango Silverton Train

And as an added bonus, all of the top attractions in Western Colorado are linked together by five of the most beautiful mountain drives in America. These highways are officially designated as National Scenic and Historic Byways.

Many visitors consider touring these highways as a Colorado vacation in itself. This Guide was written by a friendly native with forty years of experience living and traveling in Colorado. My aim is to help you pick the destinations and attractions that interest you. I will introduce you to what’s beautiful, what fun is, and what’s unforgettable.

Cliff Palace at Mesa Verde National Park

You will explore the top attractions, plus a few secret places that don’t get into the guide books. I’ll share bits of history and the funny ridiculous side of life here. Did you know we have a monument and annual festival to a headless chicken?

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