Best Breakfasts in Boulder

Hungry early? No problem! Boulder has several excellent choices for breakfast. Try any of these restaurants for a great meal.


Lucile’s is a local favorite, and deservedly so. Long wait times are the norms on the weekends, but patrons are rewarded with generous servings of delicious and often creative food. The enormous breakfast biscuits, for instance, are just the right antidote for a starving stomach. The uninitiated should order beignets. They are described as “New Orleans style donuts”, but these delicious fried dough covered with powdered sugar are more reminiscent of funnel cake. Chicory coffee is another exotic must-try on the menu. The potatoes are spiced just right. The egg, bread, fruit, and meat dishes are invariably delicious. It is no wonder that Lucile’s wins “best breakfast” awards again and again. After eating, patrons can walk down a couple of blocks to the famous Pearl Street Mall.

Downsides: The tables are crammed into this converted house, making it a cozy fit. The stairs in front of the entrance and the tight fits make Lucile’s decidedly not wheelchair friendly.

2124 14th St, Boulder, CO
Phone: 303-442-4743

The Original Pancake House

With over 100 locations nationwide, the Original Pancake House definitely qualifies as a chain… but it is a very good chain. The menu is large and varied, and the portions are even larger. Waffles, pancakes, omelets, crepes, and egg dishes are whipped up quickly and deliciously. The side potatoes could be better, however. Patrons can substitute the side buttermilk pancakes for buckwheat, wheat germ, or wheat germ – a worthwhile trade, particularly for the first two. A play area makes this a particularly friendly restaurant for children.

2600 Canyon Rd, Boulder, CO
Phone: 303-449-1575

The Egg and I

Located near the southern edge of the University of Colorado campus, The Egg and I is a real treat for egg lovers. The restaurant’s menu features scrambles, frittatas, omelets, Mexican-inspired eggs, and more. It also serves up pancakes, French toast, and other non-egg breakfasts. They are generous with their use of ingredients, and their ranch potatoes are seasoned to perfection.

2574 Baseline Rd., Boulder, CO
Phone: 303-494-0555

Le Peep

Another national chain with a cozy atmosphere, Le Peep offers “Le Breakfast, Le Brunch, Le Lunch”. The restaurant has an assortment of breakfast options, from light fare to heavy meat-and-potato dishes. There are several healthy options, but the most delicious items are their thick, gooey French toasts and their substantial “panhandler skillets”, which mix eggs, potatoes, and more.

2525 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder, CO
Phone: 303-444-5119

Surrounding Boulder

These restaurants are not in the City of Boulder, but they are near enough and good enough to be worth the drive.

Mimi’s Café

A place that is open from 7 am to 11 pm every day offers up a lot more than breakfast. Still, for early risers, Mimi’s is a pure treat. This restaurant features a variety of eclectic egg and bread dishes and perfectly seasoned side potatoes. The honey oat bran and carrot raisin muffins are sinfully good – definitely worth ordering a side dish.

100 E. Flatiron Circle, Broomfield, CO
Phone: 303-466-6126

The Huckleberry

This quaint restaurant in downtown Louisville dishes up both homey and unusual breakfasts. Patrons can feast on crepes, breakfast burritos, eggs benedict, potato latkes, “scramblettes”, and other items. The Huckleberry also features an extensive tea menu and a bakery with decadent desserts. Breakfast is served until 3 pm daily.

700 Main St., Louisville CO
Phone: 303-666-8020