Denver Metro Area Suburbs

Denver Metro Area Suburbs

Best Suburbs of Denver

With its picturesque setting of the magnificent peaks of the Rocky Mountains, Denver is a breathtaking place. The city in Colorado has a lot to offer, from outdoor events, no matter the season, to vibrant arts and craft brewing. But Denver is a popular destination for many retirees who come here to retire, and the surrounding area has some of the safest cities in the state.

But if the big city lifestyle isn’t for you, take a peek at the top suburbs surrounding the Mile High City.



The city of Arvada, CO lies just 7 miles northwest of Denver (the state capital). According to the 2010 Census, the population of the city is 106,433, making it the 8th most populated city in Colorado. The cities lie on a total area of 32.8 square miles. Less than 1% of the city is water.

In the census of 2000, there were 102,153 people, 39,019 households, and 27,742 families residing in the city. The median income in Arvada, CO is $55,541 for a household, and the median income of a family was $63,273.

The city of Arvada is a commuter town to downtown Denver, and Boulder Colorado.

Arvada is a great town by the great city of Denver. It’s a terrific place to raise a family!


The city of Aurora is the third most populated city in Colorado. The city has a population of 325,078, as recorded in the 2010 census. Aurora is located 5,471 above sea level. In 2000, the census stated that the city has a total area of 142.7 square miles. But, by 2009, the area had grown to 154.3 square miles, which is about the same size as Denver.

The climate for Aurora is 4 seasons. In the winter the high is around the 70s, and the low is the 40s. In the Summer months, the town gets in the 80s, and sometimes in the hundreds.

Education in the Aurora area includes the Aurora Public Schools, the Cherry Creek Public Schools, Douglas County School District, Bennett Public Schools, Brighton Public Schools—all as the younger education. As for college studies, the city of Aurora features the University of Colorado Denver at the Anschutz Medical Campus. It also includes the Community College of Aurora, Pickens Technical College, Anthem College, Columbia College, Concorde Career College, Platt College, Regis University, and includes a University of Pheonix extension.

The city includes many neighborhoods. Nearly 68 neighborhoods in the Aurora area.

The city of Aurora includes more than 1800 acres of developed parkland, more than 6000 acres of open space and natural areas, 7 award-winning golf courses including Aurora Hills, Centre Hills Par 3, Meadow Hills, Murphy Creek, Saddle Rock, Springhill, and Fitzsimons. the area also includes many other golf courses known for exceptional golfing.

The Star K Ranch is home to Aurora’s Morrison Nature Center. This center provides important habitat for wildlife. This also includes many areas for nature exploration. Delaney Farm includes Aurora’s famous historic round barn. This includes access to canals, gardens, and other national historical places.

Aurora Fox Arts Center is another historical landmark that is a performing arts facility in Aurora’s East End Arts District. The Aurora History Museum is also a great tourist attraction. It is a permanent exhibit of Aurora’s history as a city.

Famous People that live in Aurora include the actor Tim Allen, Scott Bentley a football player, Tiffany Vise, who is a professional ice skater, and many other famous people.


The city of Brighton sits in the county seat of Adams County. The population in 2008 was around 31,380. It is around the Denver-Aurora-Broomfield Metropolitan Area, and is considered a suburb of Denver.

There are 11 elementary schools in Brighton, as well as 4 Middle Schools and 2 High Schools. The town also features a Brighton Heritage Academy and 5 Charter Schools.

There is currently a new shopping center in Brighton, CO! The center is called Prairie Center, and is home to retail stores such as JCPenny, Kohl’s, Dicks Sporting, Super Target, and many more.


The city of Broomfield CO, is part of the Broomfield-Aurora-Denver metropolitan area.

The city of Broomfield is home to nearly 55,000 people, as recorded in the Census. Broomfield is the 16th most populated city in Colorado. The city lies around 20 miles northwest of Denver.

Features of Broomfield, CO include the “Flatiron Crossing Mall,” and many other attractions.

Castle Rock

The city of Castle Rock, CO lies near the county seat of Douglas County in Colorado. It is located around 28 miles south of Denver, and 37 miles north of Colorado Springs. In 2010, the US Census stated that the population was almost 50,000.

The town of Castle Rock has an elevation of 6,224. The city lies in the Colorado Piedmont on the western edge of the Great Plains. The Rocky Mountains is also a few miles to the left of the city. The city is known for the common landmarks seen there, such as rock outcroppings, steep hillsides, cliffs, canyons, mesas, and plateaus. Rhyolite is an extremely resistant rock and covers the area. How it got this way, is because around 37 million years ago, a volcanic eruption took place.

Castle Rock is located in the middle of Colorado just off of Interstate 25.

On average, the town receives 17 inches of precipitation a year. Castle Rock has a semi-arid climate, meaning it has cold, dry winters and wet hot summers. Although the town doesn’t get too hot, because the hottest temperature recorded was 99′ F in 1973.

Castle Rock is the 17th most populated city in Colorado. It’s also at the center of the burgeoning urbanization of the county.

The city of Castle Rock has no college-level schooling, although it provides public primary and secondary education. There are fifteen schools in Castle Rock: 9 elementary, 3 middle and 3 high schools. There are also 2 private schools: Woodlands Academy and Valor High School.

Famous people who currently reside or have resided in Castle Rock, include Amy Adams, Nelson Rangell, Gary Hallberg, Jim Cottrell, and many others.


The city of Centennial is located in Arapahoe County in Colorado. It’s part of the Denver-Aurora metropolitan area. Centennial is the tenth most populated municipality in the state of Colorado. Its also ranked at number 15 for the safest cities in the country.

Centennial covers nearly 28 square miles. Interstate 25 divides the city in half. On the west of the highway is most of the business and entertainment centers, and then on the east features the housing community. The city is surrounded by Aurora and Greenwood Village on the north, Littleton on the west, Aurora on the east, and Lone Tree, Foxfield, and Parker on the south.

The population in 2004, estimated by the Census that 103,100 people lived in Centennial. 36,200 households are in the city. The median age of the city is 37 years, as compared to the 35-year national average.

The city is serviced by the education of Littleton Public Schools and the Cherry Creek Public Schools.

Fun Facts for the city of Centennial is that the international headquarters of Gamma Phi Beta Sorority is in the city. It is the first women’s organization to use the term “sorority.”

The first IKEA was in Centennial, as well as the Denver Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was dedicated in 1986 and was the 40th operating temple in the religion.

Commerce City

The city of Commerce City is located in Adams County in Colorado. It is to the north of Denver and considered a suburb of the town. It is currently the 18th most populated city in Colorado. The population increase in the last five years has had an increase of 62%.

The city is a great mix of residential and industrial communities. Commerce City is home to an oil refinery with a capacity of 90,000 barrels a day! Suncor Energy is also a large industry in Commerce City.


The city of Englewood, Colorado is located in Arapahoe County. In 2007, the population was estimated at 32,532. Englewood is part of the Denver-Aurora Metropolitan Area. In the South Platte River Valley, just east of the Rocky Mountains, lies Englewood. The town is just south of downtown Denver. Just West of the town lies Little Dry Creek and South Platte River.

In Arapahoe County, Englewood is the fourth most populous city. In the year 2000 it was said to be the 20th most populous city in Colorado. The city only covers 6.6 square miles, the majority water. To the north of Englewood lies Denver. To the west is Sheridan, Bow Mar, Denver and Littleton. To the east lies Denver, Cherry Hills Village, and Greenwood Village. And to the south of Englewood is Littleton and Greenwood Village.

The city features the climate similar to Denver, with mild summers and winters. The average high in the summers were in the upper 80s and in the winter, the average low is lower 20s.

Englewood is divided into rough quadrants. The axis being at Hampton Avenue and Broadway. The NW quadrant is the oldest part of the city, and features the new City Center, and downtown stores. The SW section is home to a newer housing stock as well as the industrial and production plants. The SW side also has Englewood’s largest park, Belleview Park, as well as a small reservoir. The SE section is purely residential and is newer than the north and southwest sides. The NE side is home to the largest hospital complexes in the metro area. This area is home of the Sweetish Medical Center and the Craig Hospital.

Education in Englewood is served by 4 school districts. Most of the city is covered by Englewood Public Schools, including 2 high schools. There are also a few other districts serving the outer areas of the town. The city also has quite a few private schools such as the Saint Louis School which is a large catholic institution. It also is home to the Denver Seminary, which is an evangelical graduate-level religious school.


The city of Evergreen CO is roughly 15 miles west of Denver. The population in 2010 was around 9,000. The city sits on an elevation of 7,220 feet high in the Rocky Mountains! The city is located on 11.6 square miles of which less than .1% is water.

The city is surrounded by thousands of acres of land in the Denver Mountain Parks and the Jefferson County Open Space park systems. The Denver Mountain Parks in the area are Bergen Park, Corwina Park, Dillion Park, Dedisse Park, Fillius Park, OFallon Park, and Pence Park in Indian Hills. There is also Jefferson County Open Space Parks consisting of Three Sisters, Elk Meadow, Lair o’ the Bear, and Mount Falcon Park also in the Indian Hills. The Hiwan Golf Club is also located in the area. The “Lake House” is popular in both summer and winter and is a great recreational focal point in the area.

There are many private and public schools in the area. There are Evergreen High School in which the city is using, as well Conifer High School. Residents of the Clear Creek County line are served by the Clear Creek Schools. There are private schools consisting of Evergreen Academy, Evergreen County day School, Grace Christian School, and Montessori School of Evergreen.


Glendale CO is near the city and county of Denver CO. It’s a suburb of the city. It’s also located in an enclave of Arapahoe County, Colorado. In 2000, the census stated that the population was 4,547.

The city only has a total area of 1 mile, although it’s all land. There are around 2,630 households in the year 2000. There were around 715 families residing in the city in 2000 as well.

Glendale in the 1970s was known as the entertainment and nightlife of Denver. Glendale was formerly home to the Celebrity Sports Center which was a local landmark and family activity center made by Walt Disney and other celebrity investors, although the landmark closed in 1994.

The city is known for its 4th of July fireworks every year! The city of around 5,000 people swells to nearly 50,000 during the show. The city also sponsors free outdoor movies in Infinity Park Stadium every summer — a favorite of the locals. It’s a great family town!

Glendale Homes is a great place for families to move to! It’s a perfect location near the big city.


Golden Colorado sits in the County Seat of Jefferson County Colorado. The city lies along Clear Creek at the edge of the foothills of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains.

The city was founded during the Pike’s Peak Gold Rush in the late 1800s. The Colorado School of Mines, offering programs such as engineering and science is located in the city of Golden CO as well as the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the National Earthquake Info Center and the Coors Brewing Company. There are also many other attractions drawing people to visit the city.

The population of the city of Golden CO was 17,366 in 2005. The city lies just north of I-70 and is just west of Denver. The city is between Lookout Mountain and the two Table Mountains. The city lies within a sheltered valley fed by Clear Creek.

The city features the oldest public University in the state, the Colorado School of Mines.

Highlands Ranch

The city of Highlands Ranch lies just south of Denver. It is one of the most populated unincorporated communities in the United States. The population in 2010 was recorded as 96,713.

According to the US Census Bureau, the Highlands Ranch city has an area of 23.5 square miles, with less than 1% being water.

There are currently 5 high schools in Highlands Ranch. There are 5 middle schools and many elementary schools.

The city is home to the Highlands Ranch Mansion, which is a large mansion and one of the most architecturally unique structures in Colorado. The mansion includes 22,000 square feet and contains 14 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, 5 fireplaces, a great room, a ballroom, a dining room, a billiard room, library, butler’s pantry and kitchen, and a private courtyard. Currently, the mansion is owned by the city of Highlands Ranch.


The city of Lakewood is located just south of Denver, Colorado. Lakewood is located in Jefferson County and is the most populated city in the county. The city is also the fifth most populated city in the entire state of Colorado. It’s also among the most populated cities in the US, at the seat of 172nd. The US Census stated that in 2009, the population is 141,943. The city is part of the Denver-Aurora-Broomfield metropolitan area.

The city is home to the Colorado Christian University and is also home to Lakewood High School which is an International Baccalaureate school in Jefferson County.

The area of Lakewood is 42.5 square miles, and less than one mile is water. The climate of Lakewood is similar to Denver, being semi-arid. It includes cold snowy winters and warm to hot summers.

Landmarks in the Lakewood area include the old Lakewood School complex, which is a building facing Wadsworth and it was a grade school dating back to the 1920s. A south park episode took place at the Casa Bonita center which is located in Lakewood. Denver Federal Center is the largest concentration of Federal agencies outside of Washington D.C. The Lakewood Cultural Center features a theater, gallery space, and an art classroom. There is also a Lakewood Heritage Center which is a museum with several historic buildings.


The town of Littleton, Colorado is in Arapahoe, Douglas and Jefferson counties in the state of Colorado. It is a suburb of Denver, Colorado. In 2000, there were 40,340 people. There were around 17,000 households in the area as well as 10,387 families residing in the city.

Education in the area is provided by Jeffco Public Schools, Littleton Public Schools, Arapahoe Community College and the Denver Seminary.

There is an amusement center in Littleton called FunPlex, but more currently known as Fun City.

There is a Littletown Museum in the area, as well as the Hudson Gardens which are great tourist attractions.

Lone Tree

The city of Lone Tree, Colorado is a small town in Douglas County. The population was 4,873 in the 2000 census. It is on the northern border of Douglas County, and directly adjacent to Arapahoe County. According to the US Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 1.7 square miles, all of it land.


The city of Morrison is a historic town in Jefferson County Colorado. The population in 2000 was 430. This is where the Red Rocks Amphitheater is located.

The city has a total area of 2.2 square miles and is located just southwest of Denver. A place is a fun place to travel or to live! Check out the home listings for Morrison CO.


Northglenn straddles 2 counties: Adams and Weld, in the state of Colorado. The US Census stated that the estimated population in 2008 was 33,697. The city has a total area of 7.5 square miles. The majority of it is land.

There are 11,610 households in the area. The city sits about 25 miles SE from Boulder, 7 miles North of Westminster, and 13 miles north of Denver.


The city of Parker, Colorado is in Douglas County. As a self-declared “town”, this town possesses the small-town feel. Parker is the 2nd most populated city/town in Douglas County, the first is Castle Rock. The town is in the southeasternmost corner of the Denver Metro Area. According to the 2000 census, the population was 45,297.

The town has an area of 14.6 square miles. The majority of it is water, and then Cherry Creek flows through Parker on its way to Denver.

The Douglas County School District serves Parker. The district was rated 9th in the state. There are public and private school options in the area. There is Ave Maria Catholic School, Southeast Christian School, Lutheran High School Parker, and Parker Montessori Educational Institute. There are 3 public high schools: Legend High School, Ponderosa High School, and Chaparral High School. There are 2 schools where you can attend college classes. The University Center at Chaparral and Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine.


The city of Thornton lies in Adams and Weld Counties in Colorado. It’s a suburb of the Denver-Aurora-Broomfield Metro area. It’s a great commuter town for those working in those cities. Thornton is 10 miles NE of the state capital – Denver. The US Bureau estimated that the population was 117,003 in 2009. The city saw a 38% growth since the 2000 census population. Thornton is the sixth most populated city in Colorado and the 221 most populated city in the US. The town is 27.2 square miles. Less than 2% is water.

The city has nearly 2000 acres of parks and open space! 81 city parks are available for public use, as well as 80 miles of trails throughout the city.

The city uses 3 different school districts: The Adams County School District, Mapleton Public Schools, and Brighton School District.

The city has several nice shopping areas such as the Parkridge Mall, Thornton Town Center, Thorncreek Crossing Shopping Center, and other places. They possess nice restaurants and other retailers.


Westminster Colorado is in Adams and Jefferson Counties. It is the NW Suburb of Denver, the state capital. The US Bureau estimates that the population of the city was 108,850 in 2009. Westminster is the 7th most populated city in the state of Colorado. It is also the 237th most populated city in the US. The city is part of the metro area of Denver-Aurora-Broomfield. According to Money magazine, in July of 2006, it was ranked as the 24th best place to live in the US.

Westminster has a total area of 32.9 square miles. 4% is water.

Westminster Education has a variety of public and private options. Broomfield Academy provides individualized education for 3-14-year-olds. There is also Hidden Like High School, Mountain Range High School, Ponoma High School, Standley Lake High School, Northglenn High School, Legacy High School, Ranum High School, and Westminster High School.

The town provides trails and has an open space system. They have trails for jogging, biking, wildlife viewing and just enjoying the outdoors. There is also creeks and canals for fishing and farming capabilities.

The city has a lot of places for shopping and fine dining. The Westminster Mall is full of great shopping, as well as the Orchard Town Center.

Wheat Ridge

The city of Wheat Ridge, Colorado is located in Jefferson County. The city is just west of the city of Denver CO, and is known as a suburb of Denver. The city had a population of 31,242 people in 2006.

The city has Denver to the east, Arvada on the North, Lakewood to the south, and Golden to the west. The city sits on 9.1 square miles of land, and around .22% of that is water.

There are around 14,559 households in the city in the year 2000. The population density of the city was 3,621 people per square mile.

The city is just large enough to have everything you need-yet not as large as Denver! Find your next home in Wheat Ridge CO!