Bishop Castle – Hand built in Colorado

I spent a lot of time in Colorado before I was told about Bishop Castle. Even when someone told me that some guy hand-built a castle in the forest outside of Pueblo I didn’t really expect it to be on the same level as some other castles I’d seen around the world. However, now that I have seen this monumentally awesome structure I can tell you that I couldn’t have been more wrong. I can personally guarantee you that there is nothing like Bishop Castle anywhere on this fine planet, it is one of the most unique buildings I have ever come across!

The Story of Bishop Castle

The man’s name is Jim Bishop and when he was 15 years old he bought a small plot of land in the forest. He started building a cabin and some people told him that it sort of looked like a castle. So one day, with rocks from the surrounding area he starting building a Bishop Castle, completely by himself. Now, 37 years later the castle is 16 stories high and one of the wildest castles you will ever lay your eyes on. Jim Bishop is a serious character and openly lashes out at the US Government for a variety of reasons. Watch this YouTube Video and prepare to be mind-blown by this eccentric castle builder!

The Castle

Bishop Castle rises to 160 feet with a huge spire coming off the top. Knowing that one man built the entire thing by hand definitely makes standing at the top a fairly thrilling experience. The steelwork on the bridges and twisty sculptures on the top look like something from ‘Nightmare before Christmas.’ It’s got a steel fire breathing dragon, a stain-glassed window sanctuary and maze of impress walkways. Pictures absolutely don’t do this place justice it needs to be explored in person to truly understand it!

The Location

About 2.5 hours south of Denver, Bishop’s castle is closest to the city of Pueblo. I-25 South will take you most of the way there. It’s considered to be in the town of Rye, Colorado, but really is just in a random spot off the road in the San Isabel Forest. The map below will tell you exactly where it is and how to get there.