Bohemian Biergarten – Boulder, CO

The first “beer gardens” originated in Southern Germany, and they are now commonplace in Central Europe. Long, social-lubricating tables, umbrellas with beer logos, huge beer glasses, and…well, a garden are all characteristics of a biergarten. I applaud the Czech owners here at Bohemian Biergarten; they brought all these wonderful goods from Bohemia to Boulder.

Bohemian Biergarten (3)


It’s loud and for all ages (over 21 of course). It’s a gathering place based off 1920’s styling, “back when all the world made sense,” says co-owner Pavel. Traditional biergartens are usually outside, but the renovations in this biergarten’s building still give off the same summertime-outdoor feeling of one in Central Europe. The exposed brick and rustic archways truly make you feel like you are in another country and allow you to step out of Boulder for an evening. Also, the long communal picnic tables in the back room make for a nice, social atmosphere.

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You can’t have a beer garden without beer! The 10 beers on tap are European style brews with low ABV so people can finish those huge liters without falling off their benches. People come to drink the beer here to enjoy tasting the beer, not necessarily to get hammered (although that happens, too). Pavel says that you need to drink a whole one to truly experience the beer and review it. Since I can’t drink 10 liters of beer in one sitting, Pavel offered me some smaller samples of the sacred liquid. All the beers were great, but I really liked Prost Brewing Company’s dunkel-style beer to accompany my schnitzel. They also offer some interesting beer cocktails. Now it may sound strange to you, but I recommend you to ask your server about a beer mixed with German style soda, called a Radler. Also, if you dig the sweet and bitter combination, another interesting concoction was the “HoneyBite,” which was beer with honey poured on top.

Also, if you request it, the bartender will give you the European classic “seven-minute-pour,” so you can experience the perfect blending of flavor and foam.

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Bohemian Biergarten is the only place in the state with a special Pilsner Urquell beer tap. It’s designed to pour the perfect Pilsner as well as several other interesting pours like the Milke Pour. This is a pour unlike any I have ever seen. It’s a liquid-like foam that fills an entire glass. However, it has a different flavor if you let it settle into a liquid, so you have to chug it fast! Back in the day, European bartenders would give it to patrons to signal that it was their last beer for the night. A polite way of saying ‘chug this and get out of here!’


Pretzels, homemade mustard, sausage, fries; what more could you ask for to pair with beer? Like everything inside this building, the food is traditional, but it has a unique variation that makes it special to Boulder. The pretzel was undoubtedly one of the bet I’ve ever had. It was a perfectly baked, hand twisted delight of joy in my mouth. Add some of their fiery-hot homemade mustard paired with a refreshing wheat beer and please don’t bother me because – I’m in heaven.  Very, very different than any experience you’ve had with those twisted cardboard things you get at the circus!


It’s on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder. About 13th and Pearl.