America’s Number One Rated Sports City

Boulder was recently rated the No. 1 Sports Town in America by Outside Magazine.  Whether you’re looking to pamper yourself during a relaxing getaway or in search of an action-packed outdoor adventure, you find an extraordinary variety of activities in this colorful city.

Boulder is home to the University of Colorado, some of the nation’s leading high tech companies, beautiful parks, and expansive trails.  Nestled in a panoramic valley and back-dropped by the unique and majestic Flatirons, Boulder is a scenic city that is ideal for sports enthusiasts.  Known by many as the cycling capital of the country, Boulder also offers hiking, mountain climbing, plus a wide variety of music festivals, art shows, and community events throughout the year.

The Boulder Valley was originally inhabited by the Southern Arapaho Indian tribe.  Gold seekers established the first non-native settlement in Boulder County in 1858.  Boulder’s first schoolhouse was built in 1860, and the city government was formalized in 1871.  From 1950 to 1972, the population grew from 20,000 to 72,000.  With the purchase of thousands of acres of open space beginning in 1967, the adoption of the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan in 1970 along with other growth-related initiatives, Boulder began a period of infill and re-use of its past architectural development, which continues today.

Boulder has numerous charter schools and private schools.  The city also offers an extensive public transportation system.  Well-known for its bicycle culture, Boulder boasts hundreds of miles of bike paths, lanes and routes that interconnect to a renowned network of bikeways usable year-round.

On October 12, 2011, the City of Boulder’s Parks and Recreation Department was awarded the 2011 Colorado Parks and Recreation Association Columbine Award for Recreation Facility Design at Valmont Bike Park.

Boulder has a municipal airport that is used exclusively for general aviation, with most traffic consisting of single-engine airplanes and sailplanes.

Boulder created an Urban Wildlife Management Plan which sets policies for managing and protecting urban wildlife.  Also, the city’s parks department has a Conservation Team which monitors parks, wetlands, lakes and more.

Boulder’s primary daily newspaper, the Daily Camera, was founded in 1890.  Notable residents include Nobel Prize winners and university professors Erie Cornell and Thomas Cech.  John Hall, a Nobel Prize winner and senior fellow and lecturer at the University of Colorado, is also a Boulder resident.  Cyclist Davis Phinney was born in Boulder, and Frank Shorter, 1972 Munich Olympics marathon gold medalist, lives in Boulder.

One of the most popular sections of Boulder is the famous Pearl Street Mall, home to numerous shops and restaurants.  South of Pearl Street and adjacent to the CU campus is another historic shopping center, The Hill.

Boulder offers a remarkable variety of real estate opportunities encompassing nearly every conceivable style, size, and price Range, including homes with historic designations.

For those seeking diversity, recreation on a grand scale, outstanding views, culture and more, Boulder is rated among the best places to live in the country.