Colorado Hot Springs

Soaking in Colorado hot springs pools a few times during your vacation is a great relaxing addition to your vacation experience. There are many popular hot springs in Western Colorado from which to choose. You can experience some of the best Colorado hot springs, from primitive pools in the backcountry to modern Roman-like bathhouses in the city.

Glenwood Springs Hot Springs

The mountains provide the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable geothermal experience. Whether you’re seeking a mineral soak or looking for a sightseeing adventure, you are sure to find favorite hot spot.

Western Colorado has a long heritage with nature hot springs. Scattered throughout the entire state there are twenty natural hot springs seeping out of the mountains. Some are developed and some remain wild.

For centuries the American Indian have valued and cherished the Colorado hot springs. They made their summer camps along side the hot waters. They believed that the springs had natural healing powers. They gave them names like “The Great Pah Gosa” and the “Valley of the Big Medicine”

Pagosa Springs Hot Springs

The History of Hot Springs in Colorado shows that the Indian so valued the source of hot water that they fought long and fierce battles over the ownership rights. Pagosa Springs was the site of one such battle.

There is no doubt that you will find that soaking in the mineral hot springs water makes you feel better. Colorado has many springs where you can find the soothing waters. Some will be secluded and wild, others will be developed. You can find some that are privately owned by romantic bed & Breakfast. Here is a review some of the most popular springs and a few of off the beaten path ones. I am sure you will find one or two that fits you desires.

Glenwood Springs Hot Springs

Glenwood Springs Hot-Springs Pool is 2 city blocks long. It uses three million gallons of hot water a day from the Yampah hot-spring. It is well known and very popular. It has recently changed it name; it is now called The Spa of The Rockies.

Glenwood Spring Hot Springs is the home of the world’s largest mineral Hot Springs Pool. When people think of Glenwood Springs the first thing they imagine is splashing in the warm mineral water. The history of Glenwood Springs has always been a history of hot water. For centuries The Utes would visit the valley of the “Big Medicine” to take the waters. They believed that hot waters had magical healing powers both mentally and physically. It does have magical healing powers! Relaxing in the warm water and contemplating the towering mountains and the drifting clouds is a perfect cure for stress.

Leaving Glenwood Springs Hot Springs without soaking in the pool should be considered a felony. It is the best way I know to recuperate from an active day of playing in the mountains. You can sit in the warming water and let it massage your sore muscles. It is so relaxing.

You can splash and soak in the world’s largest outdoor mineral hot springs pool. I prefer the pool after the stars come out. The crowds and kids are having dinner. It is quite and more romantic, it just adds to the mystic of “taking the waters”.

The Glenwood Springs Hot Springs Pool does get very crowded especially on the weekends. During these times it definitely has more of a “pool” feel than a “hot springs” feel.

But I love soaking in the pool, especially at night during a winter snowstorm, watching the flakes drift through the lights and disappear into the water. It great fun. Splashing in the warm pool is an excellent way washes your worries away and once you have experienced “Big medicine,” you will be eager to return to Glenwood springs Colorado.

Ouray, “The Switzerland of The Rockies”

The village of Ouray is known for its geothermal hot Springs. The Ouray Hot Springs Pool remains the major attraction for the tiny town. The pool has recently been completely remodeled, updated and expanded. It is now 250 feet by 150 feet with a warm section for soaking and a cooler section for laps. Soaking in the pool is the best way I know for recuperating from an active day in the mountains.

Orvis Hot Springs

Orvis hot Springs Pool is a family run and cared for hot springs pool near Ridgeway Colorado. It has both indoor and outdoor pools. It is noted for warm lithium water. There are seven soaking areas, four outdoor pond and three indoors. The water temperature varies between 100 and 106 degrees.  Orvis hot Springs Pool is a family run and cared for hot springs pool near Ridgeway Colorado. It has both indoor and outdoor pools. It is noted for the warm lithium water.

The management and staff are very friendly and laid-back. The pool area is clean, quiet and peaceful. However clothing is optional in the outside pool areas. There are seven soaking areas, four outdoor pond and three indoors. The big pond is five feet deep and forty feet across. The water temperature varies between 100 and 106 degrees. It is beautifully lay-out, rim with natural rocks.

The Large Pool at Orvis

The island pond is two feet deep and twenty wide. It has a waterfall. The smoker’s pond has another waterfall and is eight feet wide.

The inside pool is three feet deep with a beautiful new cascading waterfall. It is 101 degrees and bathing suites are required inside.

There are seven pools with seven different temperatures, from just warm to the Lobster Pot. The ideal temperature that most bathers enjoy is between 102 -105 degrees. There are three source of warm water on the property, the pond, the crater, and the well pit. By using these sources, they are able to control the ideal temperature for each pool

The water at the crater is 127 degree so it needs to be cooled before entering the pools. The crater water is high on the property and is gravity fed to heat the building and preheat the showers before flowing into the pond. Unlike some hot springs the sulfur content here is low, so there is no getting use to the funny smell. The water does contain minerals. The following mineral are naturally occurring in the waters: Calcium, Fluorine, Lithium, Magnesium, Manganese, Potassium and a low level of Sulfur.

In addition to the pools, there are seven brand new remodeled rooms in the lodge. The rooms are large, modern, clean, each with their own unique theme. However there are no phones or televisions in the rooms. If you would prefer there is a small tent camping area behind the building. If you are camping or staying in the lodge, the pools are open all night. But no loud party or booze. Another nice feature, if you are with a large group spending the night, they have a fully equipped kitchen for your use.

The Hot Springs also has a spa and you can have a message in the cozy Mongolian Yurt outside. Summer or winter, the best time to experience the warm lithium waters is under the stars or during a winter snowfall. After dark in the steamy low lights, watching the falling snow has a comforting feeling. People whisper about Orvis Hot Springs, “They go nude there, you know?” when they should be shouting about how great it is.

Hot Sulphur Springs Colorado

Hot sulphur Springs Colorado has 24 hot mineral Springs pools. Some are indoors but most are outdoors. 200000 gallon of fresh hot waterflow into the pools each day. Hot Sulphur Springs Colorado is one of the nation’s oldest, largest natural hot mineral springs in Colorado and has been in operation continually for the past 140 years.

At 7,600 feet elevation, Hot Sulphur Springs Colorado has 24 pools and private baths, which include a solarium pool, the therapy and a summer swimming pool. The pools are basically small, 2 or 3 person pools. One has a natural look, but the rest are man-made. The place is outdated but reasonably clean. It is not plush. The locker rooms and showers seemed are clean and the sulphur smell is not strong.

Hot Sulphur Springs

The hot springs are very popular and sometimes crowded. With 22 pools you are sure to find a less crowded pool. Here a tip, the kids like the cooler pools. There are seven natural springs providing over 200,000 gallons of hot mineral water daily. It reaches reaching the surface at about 104ºF to 126ºF. But the pools are controlled to temperatures of 95º to 112ºF.

No chemicals are added to the water. The water contains sodium, sulfate, chloride, silica, potassium, calcium, fluoride, magnesium and trace elements of arsenic and lithium. The springs themselves are excellent to visit. The milky looking mineral water is considered drinkable but I wouldn’t. Soaking in the warm mineral water can be very pleasant and you can soak your worries away.

Strawberry Park Hot Springs

Strawberry Park Hot Springs, north of Steamboat Springs, Colorado has remained a secrets known only to local for years. But the secret is out.  Strawberry Park Hot Springsis a little bit of backcountry soaker’s paradise on the banks of Hot Springs Creek. The park is located 8 miles north of Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

It makes a good base camp after a day of skiing or hiking in the area. Like the history of much of the west, Strawberry Hot Springs has gone from wild and wooly to civilized and sane. The hippies and flowers children have ousted and it is now for families and fun.

The upper pond is 104 degrees and the lower pond is 102, hardly enough difference to notice. There is a third pool for those who like it cold – the creek. The water pours out of the earth at The 147 degrees, in the past it was used for boiling and cooking. It is no longer allowed. The cold water from the creek is mixed into the hot pools to keep the temperature comfortable

The main pond is large with plenty of little edges to sit on when you get to hot. The floor is sand and gravel with a few hot spot. Walk with care. After a dip in the pools you can also enjoy a private massage or a watsu therapy in the private indoor pool. You can also try out the sauna. The large changing room tepee is a great hit with the children, as well as, the picnic area. Please be aware that there is no heat in the changing tepee and no lockers.In the winter it can become quite chilly. There are a few lounge chairs to put your belonging on. The mineral springs are in s beautiful setting surrounding by a natural environment of an evergreen forest.

The pools are perfect relaxing after a long day. You can play on the mountain and then come back to Strawberry to soak your pains away. Strawberry Park Hot Springs is truly a spectacular and an unforgettable experience. After your first visit you are sure to return

Colorado hot springs pools has something for everyone. Immerse yourself and soak it up. You’ll love it.

Did you know that a balneologist is one who seeks the healing properties of natural hot springs?