Colorado Coyote

The Colorado coyote is a nocturnal mammal that is found in the western U.S. and similar in species to the fox.

It is gray with reddish legs, bushy tail and a long snout.  Size is around 40 inches in height and 30-50 pounds in weight.

These “wild dogs” are found roaming free just about everywhere in Colorado.  They hunt at night and feed on small wild animals like mice, rabbits, squirrels.

They have also been known to prey on domestic pets like cats and small dogs.

The male and female mate for life and have a litter of 4 pups, usually in the spring or early summer.

We have a few around our property.  During the summer evenings, you can hear them “sing” to communicate or to celebrate a kill.

And they are loud!

When my husband and I first moved to Colorado, the only animals like these were the ones we had seen in the movies or on TV.

It was fascinating that even though these animals were nocturnal, a few could be seen traveling during the day.

We rented our first house in the mountains west of Denver many years ago.

Totally enjoying our part of the old west in the present day, we had deer and elk visitors (and a bear or two).

On a summer night, we opened the windows to let in the cool air and went to bed.

Dogs were asleep in the bedroom, husband and myself snoring away, when we heard the loudest howling, talking, singing, whatever, right outside the bedroom window.

I don’t have to tell you that we were scared to death.  The dogs went crazy, barking and running from window to window.

Jim and I jumped up and ran too.  Keep in mind we had never heard this sound before.

We looked out, and there was a small pack of the critters sauntering across the yard and down the mountain.

We don’t know if that was their greeting of “welcome to the neighborhood” or not.

Now that we’ve lived in Colorado quite awhile, we’re familiar with the pack that visit our property and their nighttime “singing”.

During the summer, we enjoy hearing the voices of the wildlife that frequent our place. If we could just get our dogs to stop barking!