Ice Fishing in Colorado

Most people think that ice fishing is just an excuse to drink whiskey. Well, I think that it’s a damn good excuse to drink whiskey! Last weekend he was in Red Feather, Colorado sitting in a deck chair atop 18 inches of ice in the middle of a lake. Except for him and his companion, everyone else fishing that day was protected from the icy wind with their cozy ice fishing huts. With only a whiskey blanket, I endured 19 degrees of icy hell with 30 mph wind gusts as the cherry on top. Although I feel my manliness was taken to a new level, I was jealous of the ice fishing huts!

Ice Fishing (2)

Where to go ice fishing in Colorado

A great place to go ice fishing in Colorado is Red Feather Lakes. They are located in Larimer County situated at almost 8,000 ft with a population just shy of 600 people. Our story for today took place on the frozen surface of the Crystal Lake. The alpine setting here blends scenic river valleys with gorgeous meadows of native grasses with rugged mountainsides of fir, pine, and aspen trees to create a nice environment to freeze your ass off sitting in a lawn chair. But I digress, just like in Harold and Kumar, ice fishing is  exhilarating… at least for the short period of time when you actually catch a fish.  The rest of the time depends on the quality of the company you’re with.

How not to ice fish

This is not a sport where you can just walk onto a lake with minimal equipment. I tried that once with a pick axe and an old rusty hand held auger. I’ll never do it again. It took over an hour to get through the 18 inch ice barrier of frustration. Now I use a gas powered auger that made me grunt like Tim “the tool man” Taylor.

How to Ice Fish

  1. Get your gear
  2. Ice fishing rod with hooks, line, etc.
  3. Bait – powerbait, jig, or live worm.
  4. Ice auger (bikini girl not necessary, but a bonus)
  5. Warm clothes
  6. Ice fishing hut (I wish I had this)
  7. Whiskey
  8. Permit or license for fishing (most fishing shops have them
  9. Find a lake with a safe thickness of ice and go ther
  10. Drill a hole
  11. Bait your line and toss’er in
  12. Drink whiskey
  13. Wait
  14. Drink more whiskey
  15. Catch fish

Step 15 is probably the hardest one, but as long as you follow steps 12 and 14 very carefully, you won’t really care too much. If you are on the fence about ice fishing because the thought of standing on a chunk of ice in subzero temperatures sounds like torture to you, you may have a good point! However, you may get lucky enough to share the lake with the infamous Bikini Ice Fishing Team, which might improve your experience!