Mining Ghost Town – Victor CO

Victor Colorado MinesWhen you think of Colorado a number of things come to mind. Mountains, skiing, good beer, legal marijuana and 300 days of sunshine per year are a few things that stick out in most people’s minds. Slightly less obvious, but equally as cool are Colorado’s ghost towns. When people first started settling down in this state, mining was a very common occupation so towns were set up all across the Rocky Mountains. Over the last hundred years the majority of these mines have closed down and these once-thriving communities have become desolate ghost towns. Victor is no exception.

Mining Ghost Town Victor CO
Sporadic road trips are one of the Denver Metro Media’s favorite activities and one weekend we found ourselves heading towards Colorado Springs to explore the ghost towns surrounding it. The drive from the Springs takes just over an hour, but the town is so small you might miss it if you’re not paying attention. When you start to see some old abandoned mines ahead of you and some derelict looking houses, you’ve arrived at the main mining area just outside of the downtown (if you can call it that). It’s definitely worth having a walk around the old mines that look like they might collapse with a single breath. Walking around the old abandoned mining buildings it’s difficult to imagine that Victor was once a booming town of over 18,000 people and produced over $10 billion worth gold at one point (in today’s dollars).

Victor Colorado

After you’ve carefully navigated through the abandoned minefield, its a nice, but very short drive through the center of Victor. Don’t blink or you might miss it, but it’s definitely worth a quick walk around or a coffee. The old victorian architecture and the position of the town on a hill makes for quite a nice setting. You almost feel as if you’ve gone back in time when you’re in the old mining ghost town. Once you finish pondering around, imagining the gold fortunes that were made back in the late 19th century, it’s a nice drive to make your way over to another mining ghost town called Cripple Creek. If you time it right you might just show up in time for the Cripple Creek Ice Festival!!

The mining ghost town of Victor, Colorado is located just an hour west into the mountains outside of Colorado Springs. The map below will help you with directions!