Rincon Argentino of Boulder

If you enjoy delicious foreign food and friendly chat with people from other countries then you really shouldn’t pass up a visit to Rincon Argentino. The little restaurant in Boulder is more popular for take-out rather than dining on site, but wherever you choose to eat it, the food is top notch!


The empanadas are phenomenal and I can honestly say they are the best I’ve had outside of Argentina. I spent 6 months stuffing my face with empanadas all over South America so I consider myself to be somewhat of an empanada critic. Their choripan is also spot on with their perfectly authentic chimichurri salsa. I was euphoric with nostalgia while licking this sauce off my fingers! Once you’ve satisfied your mouth and stomach with all the savory Argentinian deliciousness you can handle, you must indulge in a classic Argentinian dessert. Dulce de leche (similar to caramel) is sold by the jar and if you’ve ever met an Argentinian or been to the country you know they are quite obsessive over this heavenly desert. You’ve got to give Rincon Argentino a try to see what all the fuss is about.

Argentina Empanadas in Boulder Colorado

Colorado Argentinian Restuarant

The atmosphere of Rincon Argentino is fantastic and the photos of beautiful Argentine scenery will satisfy your visual senses while the food is satisfying your taste buds. If you decide to enjoy some yerba maté (served up traditionally everyday from 2-4pm) you might end up staying to practice your Spanish with the very friendly owner, Christian. He was born and raised in Buenos Aires and successfully brings the tradition and culture of Argentina to the Rocky Mountains. He even brought over the Argentine beer, Quilmes for you to enjoy like a true Porteño (person from Buenos Aires). While the cost of food and drink don’t necessarily reflect the $1 empanadas you can buy on the street in Argentina, the authentic quality and friendly atmosphere make it worth every penny. We definitely approve of Rincon Argentino!