Silver Thread Byway

The Silver Thread was a well worn Indian trail for centuries, then a stagecoach toll road. Today it is a historic and recreational adventure, through a variety of interesting landscapes.

The Silver Thread is a short pleasant Colorado Scenic Drive, only 120 miles from end to end. From the Blue Mesa Reservoir, it feels isolated and remote as you travel though the Powderhorn Valley ranchland. But soon the thread climbs to the mineral rich mountains near Lake City and Creede.

Lake San Cristobal

There are three quaint little town along the thread. Each has a unique story and hospitality. And there is a lot of things to see and do.

Lake City

Lake City is a national historical District. Seventy five of it buildings are designated as national treasures. As you walk along the wood-planked sidewalk, you will enjoy a numerous western shops and galleries featuring one of a kind creations from local artist.

If you are staying the night, I suggest you take in the Lantern-lit ghost tours of Lake City. It’s spooky fun.

The Hinsdale County Museum is rapidly growing with a new transportation building featuring 19th century fire firing equipment, sleights, buggies and cutters as well as, an 1890 blacksmith shop, assay office and a restored general store.

The Hard Tack Mine Tour just up Henson Creek is always fun. You go 428 feet into the mountain and learn about hard rock mining of yesteryear. Their gift shop and museum are also underground.

The Alfred Packer Trail You can always have great fun at the trail of Alfred Packer, Colorado’s Famous Cannibal. Each week during the summer, the 1883 trail is recreated in the original court house.

I’ll let you in on a little secret, he is found guilty every week of eating five of Lake City’s seven Democrats, as the trail judge declares.

The Slumgullian Earthflow Between Lake City and Creede, stop at the Slumgullian Earthflow Overlook. This massive mountainside has been slowly sliding down hill for years. It is still moving, inches a year. Seven hundred years ago it formed Lake San Cristobal.


Creede was a wide open, rip roaring mining town in the late 1890’s. Built in a narrow canyon, to be near the mines, the has little room for expansion. To fix this problem, they blasted a firehouse and museum out the mountainside.

The underground museum was built in solid rock wall by three local miners. Today, it is a Museum and the Community Center. It has 22 interesting exhibits and a replica of a underground mine.

The Repertory Theater When you talk about Creede, you either talk history or theater. And Creede is Famous for its Summer Repertory Theater. Actors from all over the world come to Creed for the summer theater.

South Fork

The Old Logging Community of South Fork at the end of The Thread is noted for:

Logger DaysThe big celebration is the annual Logger Days. Each July South Fork has a grand gathering of Lumberjacks from all over to compete in a variety of tradition logging events. It is fun, very interesting and educational.

The best Gold Metal Fishing on the upper Rio Grand River in Southwestern Colorado.

I am sure you will agree, it is one of the most remote, isolated and fascinating of Colorado Scenic Drives. The Silver Thread Byway and the towns along the way have spectacular scenery and a very interesting history.