Sylvan Lake State Park

Sylvan Lake State Park in the White River National Forest near Eagle Colorado is a true alpine gem, scenic getaway, and a trout fisherman paradise. Choose between tent site, rustic mountain cabin, or secluded yurt.

Sylvan Lake State Park located at 8,500 feet in elevation in the White River National Forest near Eagle Colorado. It is a true alpine gem. It is a scenic getaway with a lot to offer. It is also a trout fisherman paradise.

It is also a conveniently located as a overnight campsite for traveler on I-70. The park is only 16 miles from the Eagle Colorado exist # 147. The new visitor’s center is located 10 miles south of Eagle at the fork in the road.

Sylvan Lake with the Red Table Mountain

Sylvan State Park is a good fishing hole. It is also ideal for fishing, hiking, hunting, and mountain biking. The Department of Wildlife stocks the lake frequently with Brook, Browns, and Rainbow Trout. The National Forest surrounding the park is excellent big game hunting habitat. Deer and elk are in abundance.

You can spot mule deer, elk rabbits, beaver, hummingbirds and waterfowl throughout the park and national forest. Black bears have been known to visit the campgrounds at night looking for food. With the new bear proof dumpsters the visit are rare. But is still a good ideas to keep your food and trash in a safe location where they can not get at them.

The park has two campgrounds, Elk Run and Fisherman Paradise. Elk run has 34 campsites and Fisherman Paradise has 12 sites. The sites can accommodate tents, trailers and campers and the are some pull-through site for larger units. Each campsites has a table and grill. Water and restrooms are nearby. Showers are available in the camper’s service building.

In addition to the campsite you can book one of three offsite yurts or nine rustic cabins. Reservations are required. The Sylvan Lake State Park cabins and yurts are rented year-round.

Yurt Hideaway in the Aspens

The yurts are located in a quiet Aspen grove on East Brush Creek Road, 11 miles from the lake. If you are seeking solitude the yurts are the perfect place. They also provide easy access to the White River National Forest. The cabins and yurts have an outside fire ring and grill.

The nine rustic cabins are located near Fisherman’s Paradise campground across the road and in the trees. The larges cabin has a full kitchen, bathroom and shower. I accommodate 12 people with three bedrooms. The eight smaller cabins have beds for up to six people with a picnic table inside and outside. You need to bring sleeping bag, cook stove, lantern and flashlights.

Cabin, yurt and campground reservations can be made by phone 1-800-678-2267 or on the internet by A camping fee is charged, as well as, a entrance fee to enter the park.

Sylvan Lake Sate Park is a beautiful gem you will enjoy it.

Sylvan Lake State Park
Eagle, Colorado 81631