Top Neighborhoods Denver

Top Neighborhoods to Live in Denver

Best Denver Neighborhoods to Live

The city of Denver is the most populous city of Colorado. In the South Platte River Valley is where Denver lies. It is located east of the Rocky Mountains, and the western edge of the High Plains.

“The Mile High City” is a nickname given to Denver because of its elevation. The city is exactly one mile above sea level.

The heart of Denver is its downtown, and the most desirable areas place you in or near it. All of the ‘hoods mentioned below are within a comparatively short distance from downtown and each other. Circling across town, the best communities can be located in all directions from downtown, north, south, east, and west.

Here are the top neighborhoods of Denver, CO, in no special order:

Athmar Park

Bordered by Almeda Avenue on the north, Mississippi Avenue on the south, Federal Boulevard on the west, and the South Platte River on the east lie the neighborhood of Athmar Park. Athmar Park is an older neighborhood positioned in southwest Denver, Colorado. It is full of mostly all-brick ranchers and bungalow-style homes built in the 1940s and 1950s.

Historically, this neighborhood was annexed incrementally by the City of Denver. In the year 1902, the eastern edge of Athmar Park was annexed as well as several surrounding towns. According to urban legend, the name “Athmar” originated from the combination of names of the neighborhood’s two wives, Athea and Mary. Initially, the northeast area of the neighborhood was “rural” and was full of celery farms and wheat fields. It was originally called Mountainview and was home to many charming brick bungalows, each one made with a unique design.

If in the market to purchase a home this neighborhood can provide an exceptional living opportunity. This neighborhood is full of history, as well as great charm, hence find your next home in not only this great city but also this wonderful neighborhood. Make your housing dreams a very clear reality, therefore start looking and begin discovering your next wonderful home in this incredible city!


Initially, this small neighborhood began as a small mining settlement in the Kansas Territory. Presently it stands in its original location as a neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. The town was founded by William Greenberry Russell along with a part of fellow settlers from Georgia on November 1, 1858. The town was named for the gold mining settlement of Auraria, Georgia. In the year 1859, the neighborhood was the site of a convention to create the provisional state of “Jefferson” to govern the surrounding territory, but the government was never recognized by the U.S. government. Auraria ceased to exist as a separate town on April 6, 1860, when it was incorporated into the city of Denver and became referred to as West Denver.

The name “Auraria” survives in Denver as a neighborhood along the west bank of Cherry Creek to the east bank of the South Platte River, bordered on the south by Colfax Avenue. Presently, the neighborhood of Auraria is dominated by the Auraria Campus, which is currently home to three institutions of higher learning: the University of Colorado Denver, Metropolitan State College of Denver, and the Community College of Denver.

Since the city is made up of three institutions, there are few permanent residences. The schools mainly cater to commuter students which is one of the primary reasons that there are so few permanent residents. The neighborhood is very popular among citizens and visitors of Denver because it is home to both Elitch Gardens and the Pepsi Center Arena. Both of which are fairly popular attractions, and give this neighborhood a little something extra.

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Berkeley is a neighborhood located in Denver, Colorado in the area traditionally known as Northwest Denver. The neighborhood is bounded by Federal Boulevard, I-70, Sheridan Boulevard, and 38th avenue on the south. Made up of two lakes and surrounded by parks, this neighborhood is rapidly growing.

In the last 20 years, Berkeley has experienced very rapid growth and a rise in property values, due to the closing of Elitch Gardens Amusement Park in October of 1994. Tennyson Street, among the many streets in this neighborhood, has become a commercial and cultural center for Northwest Denver.

This great neighborhood is ever-growing and changing. It can offer an exceptional living experience, therefore find your next home and start making your housing dreams a reality. Make Denver, Colorado your next home, and start experiencing the wonders of this remarkable city.

Capitol Hill

Positioned in the City and County of Denver Colorado, lies the neighborhood of Capitol Hill. Technically this neighborhood is located in East Denver, which begins immediately east of Broadway and is the neighborhood’s western boundary. Many residents consider Cheesman Park to be part of the Capitol Hill neighborhood, but as defined by the city, Cheesman Park is a separate neighborhood. The neighborhood is located just southeast of Denver’s Central Business District in a very well-established residential neighborhood.

The neighborhood of Capitol Hill is directly east of the Civic Center and the Colorado State Capitol. Over 95% of the neighborhood is developed and is made up of some of the oldest single-family homes in the city. It is one of Denver’s most densely populated neighborhoods and once was home to Denver’s elite. Presently, it is made up of historic mansions, apartments, and condo buildings.

Capitol Hill is one of the most cosmopolitan neighborhoods in Denver and is well known as a haven for artists and bohemians. Due to the affordability, the urban character and eclectic architecture made the area extremely appealing to young musicians, artists, and bohemians. It is full of numerous restaurants, clubs, bars, stores, concert venues, and other cultural amenities in the community.

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Cheesman Park

Chessman Park is an urban park and neighborhood located in the city and county of Denver, Colorado. This neighborhood is located in central Denver just southeast of downtown. In the late 19th century, the land that is now part of the neighborhood of Chessman park was Prospect Hill Cemetery. The cemetery was later converted into a park in 1907 after city planners felt it would provide an amenity to new residents as land development moved east of the central city.

The Cheesman Park neighborhood is one of the oldest in Denver, with city plats dating as far back as 1868. Though development was slow at first the neighborhood was annexed by the city of Denver in 1883. Upon the completion of Cheesman Park, the neighborhood continued to grow and develop with large mansions for some of the city’s wealthiest people. This neighborhood is often considered part of Denver’s capitol hill neighborhood and initially, it was considered the “fashionable residential district” because it was occupied by the city’s business professional class.”

Presently, the neighborhood is full of predominantly white and middle-class individuals that bring in a median household income of $42,477. This neighborhood has the highest number of individuals who attained higher education than the city as a whole. It has more single/unmarried people than Denver’s average, and thus it has a consequently smaller average household size.

Cheesman Park has a fairly urban character with its density and closeness to the central part of the city. It contains several areas of commercial activity as well as one of Denver’s great attractions, the Denver Botanical Gardens.

This neighborhood can present an exceptional living opportunity, hence if in the market to do so be sure to start finding your next home in this great neighborhood. Start looking for a great home and begin making those dreams come true in this incredible city of Denver.

Cherry Creek

Cherry Creek is a neighborhood in Denver, Colorado which is full of many newer residences as well as some of Denver’s older homes. The neighborhood is located near the geographic center of the city and county of Denver and is mixed with dense urban development as well as tree-lined residential streets. It is bounded by the Cherry Creek Reservoir, East Sixth Avenue, University Boulevard, and Colorado Boulevard. This neighborhood acquired its name from the nearby Cherry Creek which runs along the south side of the neighborhood.

Within this neighborhood, two major commercial centers exist along the major traffic route of East Five Avenue. It is home to an upscale, enclosed shopping mall, the Cherry Creek Shopping Center which anchors the neighborhood. Cherry Creek is also home to the main shopping district of Cherry Creek North which is also located along with East First, Second, and Third Avenues. This neighborhood also offers a branch of the Denver Public Library, the Cherry Creek bike path, and numerous recreational parks that can be great for all families alike.

Start finding your next home in this great upscale neighborhood and begin seeing your housing dreams become a reality. There are great homes in this neighborhood, therefore make the effort to uncover your very own. Begin the quest to make your dreams come true!

Downtown Denver

This neighborhood is Denver’s main financial, commercial, and entertainment district. There are over 23,000,000 square feet of office space as well as 130,000 workers. As of 2008, there are approximately 34 buildings in the downtown area that reach over 300 feet. This count does not include some of the recently constructed buildings.

Downtown Denver has made a strong effort to centralize its commercial and entertainment interests. Currently, it is home to both Coors Field and Pepsi Center which are hot attractions for many of the local residents. This neighborhood is also home to the 16th Street mall which made up of hundreds of bars, restaurants, and cafes. It attracts many residents from the area and supports 10,000 plus residents living in the central business district.

If you are not looking for a life of hustle and bustle, then living in the neighborhood of Downtown Denver is not the place for you. Downtown Denver truly will provide an urban lifestyle that can be just perfect for those looking to have that. It can offer many different job opportunities, housing possibilities, and many different avenues of fun. For those urbanites, the neighborhood of Downtown Denver is the place to be. Find your next home and start making your housing dreams come true!

Five Points

Five points is one of Denver, Colorado’s oldest historic neighborhoods. It is located northeast of the downtown central business district. Five points came to historical prominence from the 1860s through the 1950s. It is home to Denver’s aristocracy, housing mayors, governors, and prominent business people. Historically, five points is made up of an African American majority population, but recent demographic changes have brought about a majority white population, a large Latino population, and the black population has very much diminished within the community.

Five points initially were known as the “Harlem of the West. The neighborhood started as predominantly African-American because discriminatory home sale laws in other neighborhoods forbade black people from settling in them. From the 1920s to the 1950s the community thrived with a rich mix of local business and commerce along the Welton Corridor.

The neighborhood of Five Points has always been a neighborhood full of a diverse economic mix of residents. In the late 19th century many of the rich started to move to this neighborhood as well as a large Jewish population. In 2009 many attempted to rebuild a strong business economy by creating the Five Point Business District. Progress has continued to be made in this neighborhood and therefore is a great one to settle down and purchase a home. Find your next home and make your housing dream a very clear reality!

Golden Triangle

Located in Denver, Colorado is the neighborhood of the Golden Triangle. In the northern part of this neighborhood lies many civic and cultural institutions. It is home to a population of approximately 1,577 people. The Golden Triangle is among one of the oldest neighborhoods in Denver and is full of many single-family Victorian homes and bungalows built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Starting in the 1990s perhaps as a result of the newly constructed Central Library, the neighborhood transformed into a functional multi-use neighborhood. New condo and loft developments came into the neighborhood and many of the old supply stores and garages were transformed into restaurants, art galleries, and small offices.

Currently, the Golden Triangle is still undergoing many transformations, which is helping it to continue to grow and develop. This neighborhood is a great place to settle down and purchase a home, therefore start looking, and begin discovering. Make your housing dreams a reality and finds your next home in the Golden Triangle.

Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park is both a neighborhood and public park located in close proximity to downtown Denver, Colorado. It is the location of the Santa Fe Arts District and is home to about 7,000 residents. It is one of Denver’s oldest neighborhoods and is just south of the area where Denver was first settled in the 1850s. Most of the homes located in this area date from about 1900.

Find your next home in this wonderful neighborhood, and start making your dreams a reality in this wonderful city. Denver can be the perfect place to settle down, therefore start discovering your next home. Explore Denver, it is an incredible city that many are wanting to call home!


Located in the city and county of Denver, Colorado lies the neighborhood of Montclair. This neighborhood was originally developed as a small suburban community east of Denver. The land was purchased and developed by the Montclair Town and Improvement Company in 1885. Montclair was named in honor of one of its founders Matthias P. Cochrane who originally came from Montclair, New Jersey. Originally the community was designed to attract wealthier residents who were turned off by Denver’s 400 saloons and forty market street bordellos. In order to end this, homeowners were required and build on lots that were twice the Denver standard of 25 feet by 125 feet. Homes were required to be three stories high and made of brick or stone.

The community became the incorporated town of Montclair in 1888. Eventually, in 1902, the newly created City and County of Denver started to incorporate the town of Montclair. The town objected strongly to its inclusion and fought the City of Denver all the way to the State Supreme Court. Montclair lost and the annexation was made final in 1903.

The neighborhood is full of old trees, large lots, and distinctive houses, including nineteenth-century Queen Anne Style architecture and Victorian architecture. This neighborhood is also home to three city parks: Montclair Park, Kittredge Park, and Denison Park. It is simply a beautiful area to settle down and purchase a home. Start looking and begin making your housing dreams a very clear reality in the great city of Denver, Colorado.

Park Hill

Park Hill is a neighborhood located in Denver, Colorado. It is positioned in the northeastern quadrant of the city and is bordered by Colorado Boulevard on the west, East Colfax Avenue on the south, Quebec Street on the east, and East 52nd Avenue on the north. The entire neighborhood is situated in the area known as East Denver.

In 1887, Baron Alois Von Winckler platted the original Park Hill development on 32 acres of land. As a response to the Spanish-American War, Baron Von Winckler allowed land directly north of the original development to be used as a camp for the Colorado National Guard. It housed approximately 1,400 troops in tents. The first homes up for sale in the neighborhood were offered for sale in 1900. As the neighborhood grew, settlers from many nations, including England, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, and Italy moved in. Residential development increased in the northern part of the neighborhood after World War II.

This neighborhood is a great place to settle down and purchase a home. If in the market to do so, be sure to take a look through the listings below and be making your housing dreams a very clear reality. Start looking and begin discovering!


Regis is a neighborhood in Denver, Colorado. It is situated in the area known as North Denver. The neighborhood is bordered by Harlan Street to the west, I-76 to the north, Federal Boulevard to the east, and highway I-70 to the south. This neighborhood is located in the neighborhood of Regis University which presents the perfect opportunity for those college students looking to attend the university of those who are simply wanting to live in the heart of Denver.

There are great housing possibilities located in this neighborhood, in order to find the one that is right for you be sure to take a look through the listings below. These listings can be an excellent tool in the process of discovery, hence peruse through them and find the home of your dreams!


Among one of the neighborhoods of Denver, Colorado is Valverde. This neighborhood is located in the area known as West Denver or the “West Side.” The neighborhood’s population is about 4,093 people and it is home to 1,276 housing units. It is bordered on the west by Federal Boulevard, 6th Avenue on the north, West Alameda Avenue on the south, and the South Platte River on the east.

There are several city parks in the neighborhood and the South Platte River serves as the neighborhood’s eastern boundary. Near the river, the neighborhood is mainly industrial, but further west to the west is dominated by single-family homes. Valverde is one of the oldest neighborhoods, but it consists mostly of industrial buildings as well as some single-family homes built in the 1930′s and 1940′s. Most of the homes are bungalow style or low profile 2-story homes.

The city of Denver is among one of the best of the best. It can offer you so many possibilities in a variety of different avenues. Valverde is just among one of the great neighborhoods in this city, hence in order to discover all this great location has to offer be sure to take a look through the listings below. These listings can be an excellent source of information, thus start looking and begin finding your next home!

Virginia Village

Virginia Village is a neighborhood positioned in Southeaster Denver, Colorado. It is bounded by the intersection of Interstate 25 and Colorado Blvd, and is positioned in among one of Denver’s busiest thoroughfares. The neighborhood of Virginia Village consists of a mixture of apartment buildings, townhomes, single-family houses, strip-malls, and mid and high-rise office buildings.

One can not go wrong when looking to purchase a home in the great city of Denver, Colorado. This neighborhood is a great place to settle down and find your next dream home. In order to find the perfect home start out by using these listings below. These listings can be an excellent tool because they will provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date housing information. Start looking and find your next beautiful Denver home!

Washington Park

Washington Park is both a neighborhood and public park in the city of Denver, Colorado. This neighborhood is located in South Central Denver and is long and rectangular which is bordered by Virginia Avenue on the north, Downing Street on the west, Louisiana Avenue on the south, and Franklin Street on the east. It covers 165 acres and therefore is one of the largest parks in Denver. The neighborhood is usually referred to as “Wash Park” and is broken down into the eastern and western sides.

Washington Park was initially designed by the German landscape architect Reinhard Schutze between 1899 and 1908. His design remains fairly intact and included Smith and Grasmere Lakes, and the Lily Pond. Washington Park started development soon after the founding of Denver. Initially, the homes in the neighborhood were made o brick and were constructed between 1900 and 1940.

Presently, Washington Park has transformed into a very popular urban neighborhood because of its central location, closeness to the park, and its access to several commercial business enclaves. Because of this, the neighborhood has transformed greatly in density, properties, and traffic.

The neighborhood is one of the oldest in Denver and includes many early twentieth-century brick houses and even some late nineteen-century brick homes. It is also home to a famous park which includes several trails, tennis courts, lawn bowling/croquet field, and two playgrounds. The park is also known for its beautiful flower gardens which include 54 flower beds in an informal arrangement. This neighborhood is very inviting for individuals and families alike. Find your next home in this great neighborhood and make Denver, Colorado your next place of residence!