Trinity Brewing Company

Colorado is lucky enough to be the home of nearly 2,000 breweries. C Springs (as we call it in Colorado) isn’t the most amazing place to go for nightlife, but if a tasty beer and some good food is your thing, then Trinity Brewing Company is the place for you. The small brewery crafts an astounding number of delicious beers every year and C Springs locals will tell you it’s one of the best breweries in the state! Their menu helps you pair good beer with great food like lamb burger sliders, their famous mac and cheese, seitan buffalo wings, or smothered french fries. If the buffalo wings caught your eye, you’ll find plenty more where that came from. This menu is stocked full of surprisingly delicious vegetarian and vegan options.

Trinity Brewery Colorado Springs
Look at all those taps!

The Beer

The staff were very friendly and helpful while I struggled to decide which beer to choose of the impressively large beer list. I ended up going with a Sunna Wit Bier which is a fabulous Belgian Wit, similar to a Hoegaarden, but even more tasty.  If IPAs are your style, check out the Flo Indian Pale Ale, which uses 8 hop varieties and 7 world class malts. It is the go-to beer for hopheads visiting the C Springs area. There are also several seasonal brews, like the Pappy Legba, a crimson saison with a massive 13.0% ABV (Alcohol by volume)! Whatever your selective beer palate desires, you’ll surely find something you will enjoy at the Trinity Brewing Company.

The Brew Master

We had the pleasure of meeting Trinity Brew Master, Tom Brown for a brief interview during his time at the brewery. A very nice guy who was more than happy to tell us about his life with beer. He started out his brewing career with a camper and a home brewing kit, and a few years later he’s making some of the best beers that Colorado has to offer. A difficult question that I like to ask brewers when I interview them is what one beer they would choose if they were trapped on a ‘mild temperatured’ desert island. If it was a hot topical island this would obviously affect the decision, so I take weather out of the equation. Tom told us he would drink one of Trinity’s seasonal ales called the Chilly Baltic Porter. I had the pleasure of enjoying one of these pints during my time in the pub and it was a very well balanced and tasty beer. It combines the Baltic Porter style of Northern Europe with some coffee, chocolate, and to top it all off, it’s aged in a very rare Mexican wood. Sounds wild I know, but it works and is the first beer choice for the Trinity Brew Master if he were stuck on an island!


Trinity Brewing Company is located just off Centennial Blvd and Garden of the Gods Rd in Colorado Springs. It’s located on the corner of a rather dull looking shopping center, but don’t let the boring outside discourage you because the inside is a wonderful world of delicious beer and food. It’s located in close proximity to the legendary Garden of the Gods National Park and a great place to go catch happy hour or dinner after a day of exploring!