Waffle Brothers – Denver Breakfast Reviw

Waffles or Pancakes?

This age-old debate on which floury breakfast treat is the most delicious has perplexed the minds of human beings since the invention of the waffle maker. I hasve always struggled with this decision, so when I recently stumbled upon a great little breakfast joint called Waffle Brothers he was overjoyed! However, even though pancakes were thrown out of the equation, the seemingly simple task of ordering breakfast was still not that easy. There were at least 5 different types of waffles with over 20 different topping combinations. Once you get through that list of treats fit for a king, you find out there are savory waffles too!

To top things off, I was sporting a wicked hangover that morning and as soon as he stepped up to the counter to place his order he momentarily lost the ability to speak. The female working the register at the Waffle Brothers establishment was nothing short of stunning. As images of sweet waffles topped with fresh fruit and whipped cream battled against other waffles topped with bacon and eggs inside my hungover mind, I somehow managed to fumble my words into what I hoped was an order. As I walked away from the gorgeous princess he closed his jaw, wiped the drool from his bottom lip, looked around at all the happy customers eating and thought to himself ‘I like this place.’

Waffle Brothers Waffle Sanwich

First Impressions

If you happen to come on a weekend it’s one of those little shops with a big line.  However, this is a good thing because you probably will want the time to look over the menu. I selected the breakfast waffle sandwich containing bacon and eggs. It was also topped with a delicious and spicy, Cajun and jalapeno syrup. As my mouth typically expects a sweet taste when encountering a waffle, the tangy and spicy eruption of flavor that ensued was quite unexpected. I’m sure my distorted face of confusion made who ever saw it laugh.

Waffles from Waffle BrothersWorth it or not?

“Serving one warm waffle at a time” is a good motto for them.  It reminds you to be careful with your ordering. Gazing upon their extensive options might trigger your taste bud’s curiosity into ordering multiple waffles. However, these waffles are big and just one should provide you with all the sugar you need for the day. That being said, Waffle Brothers dishes out some creative and delicious waffles that we definitely recommend giving a try, especially if you can’t decide between waffles or pancakes!


Waffle Brothers is located at 1707 Lafayette St. in Uptown and at 700 East 1st Street. It’s in a quiet neighborhood where a plethora of one way streets exist so rather than explain the somewhat complicated route to get there, use the map below, walk or ride a bicycle.