Wolf Creek Ski Area

If you are a lifelong skier, Wolf Creek Ski Area may soon become your preferred mountain. It is not crowded. It has no lift lines and it is noted for lots of snow. I’ll Let you in on a local secret, it has the best powder in the State.

Wolf Creek Ski Area is one of Colorado’s oldest and finest ski resorts. It is noted for snow – lots and lots of snow. Last year it received 465 inches of snow – that’s 41 feet. That why its motto is “The Most Snow in Colorado.” It is a powder hound’s paradise.

The abundance of pillow top snow makes even falling fun. It has terrain for every skill level. After a few runs, you will feel a special comfort zone of confidence on the mountain.

Wolf Creek Ski Areas

The abundant snow is not the only thing that makes wolf Creek so special. It is the laid-back friendly people who work on the mountain. They are there because they want to be. They love to ski and they love the mountain and it shows.

In addition to the everyday low price, The Mountain offers a myriad of special deals. Each year, for example, it has fourteen local appreciation days. The promotion draws residents to the slopes for $31.00 and $18.00 for seniors. Discount rates are available at many of the local hotel, motels and lodges. Be sure to ask.

Although the ski area has that warm friendly feeling of a local neighborhood ski hill, it offers world-class skiing without that glitzy high-class attitude.

Wolf Creek Lodge

The Mountain has seven lift that take you to 1,600 acres of skiable terrain. The peak is 11,904 feet with a vertical drop of 1604 feet to 10300 feet at the base. There are seventy-seven groomed trails; with the longest one strengthens two miles.

For the young children , the Magic Carpet is a moving conveyor lift to the top of the bunny hill. The Wolf Pup program is a great way for the little ones to learn to ski.

Wolf Creek encourages you to pack your lunch. They provide a large picnic building, where you have to get in out of the weather. But if brown-bagging is not your style, The Prospector Grill or the Wolf Creek Lodges can satisfy your hunger. Wolf Creek Ski Area is one mile east of the continental divide, just 23 miles from Pagosa Springs, Colorado. If you rather not drive, the wilderness Journey runs a shuttle service to the mountain from town. It is reservations only, call 970-731-8060.

Wolf Creek Ski Area has your ticket for a mountain of perfect fresh powder and lot and lots of snow.

Wolf Creek Ski Area
P.O. Box 2800
Paghosa Springs, Co. 81147
Phone 970-264-5639
Snow Report: 970-264-5629
WWW. wolfcreekski.com